We switched to remote work and we are in contact online to continue the learning process”

Marian Smiatek wanted to share with us her first weeks in Spain thanks to the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program. For more than a week now and due to the situation we are in, he is currently, like many others, following his exchange online, from Granada.

According to him, until a few days ago, the work in the cafeteria has been quite intense and "full of new experiences".

After a brief introduction to the company, Marian has become involved in its daily work. As he says, "during this time I learned a lot about how coffee is planted, chosen, ordered, shipped, roasted, packed and sold».

He explains that during his first month he has focused more on the supply chain for coffee and other products. «By analyzing that process at Café Lisboa and looking for optimizations, I was also designing this process for my future business. One of my tasks was also to look for sustainable and ecological solutions that could be applied in the coffee shop supply chain and prepare the SWOT analysis of Café Lisboa».

 «I've got involved in customer service, working with baristas and waiters, so I've got to know how is it to work with Café Lisboa clients». As he continues, he has also had the opportunity to participate in training at the Santo Amaro Barista School (own brand of coffee), which he describes as a "very useful and practical experience".

During the second month he says the relationship has been based on the pricing strategy and the menu. "I'm learning how to calculate the prices of food and drinks, how to create my own menu, how to organize the kitchen and the stock, all of which will be very useful in my future cafeteria".

As for his host, José María, he says he is very open-minded and always willing to teach and share what he knows. "With his knowledge and experience in the coffee business, I have found a great tutor in him".

According to official regulations, the café has to be closed for a while. So, during this period, as he tells us, «we have switched to distance work and are in contact online to continue the learning process».