Who we are

Sulayr® is a knowledge management company for the benefit of business development.  It is made up of a multi-professional team relying on Lawyers, Economists, Labor Law Specialists, Biologists, Ambientologists and IT Experts, which allows us to be a reference in the provision of services to companies in the field of Law, Economics, Advanced ISO Management, European Funds and other specialized services.

Our working method is smooth, efficient and team-based, and gained recognition by companies, NGOs and other organizations for the excellence of our methods and success stories.

The experience and skills of our staff, the networks in which it is integrated and our models of internal organization, allow us to address any type of legal, economic or management issue, no matter how complex, with guarantees of success.

As an accreditation of the quality of our services, we have implemented and certified an Integrated Management System for the ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 standards and Ethical Management and Social Responsibility according to the UNE ISO 26000: 2012 standard.

Ethics and Social Responsability

Since its founding in 1983, at Sulayr® we have been demonstrating to our clients that we have a different way of understanding consulting, performing business consultancy in an ethical manner and respectful of the principles of each organization, implementing work models with the major goal to offer to the customer solutions providing integrity, innovation, security and trust, which allows us to successfully complete our tasks.


The professional team of Sulayr® has been carrying out important social work since the beginning of its activity, consisting in what we know best: altruistically advising people and organizations that requested it, in the different areas covered by our services. In this sense, the Director of the firm is a five-star consultant on the NGO Solutions platform of the Hazlo Posible Foundation, where he has been collaborating since 2009.

At the same time, Equally Sulayr® has sponsored and supported numerous social and sports events over the years in our geographical area.


The activity of the organization began in 1983 in Granada, with the creation of the Center for Economic Studies and Management, S.A. (CEGESA); later on offices were opened in Dúrcal and with the years in Padul, already under the heading of Jiménez Puertas Consultores, where services of Economic and Legal Advice have been provided for companies and organizations throughout Andalusia.

In 2002, the ISO Advanced Management activity was initiated, with the creation of the Sulayr® brand and setting up new headquarters in Granada, and from 2012 onwards they have been providing services linked to European Funds, which further expanded the offer.

Furthermore, in 2012, the Sieneva Foundation was created, specifically dedicated to the promotion of the rural environment through which part of the Social Responsibility is channeled.

In 2016 it was decided to enter the ADADE Group, which has made it possible to enhance our presence throughout Spain, and in other countries, and to have a permanent office in Madrid

In 2017, a strong decision was made: to end the dispersion of brands and bring together our varied services under a single heading, strongly betting on the SULAYR® brand, which has become the image that accompanies all actions, promotions and services.


Since 2016, Sulayr® is part of the ADADE business advisory firm network ADADE, which allows us to guarantee our clients the coverage of their technical and legal needs anywhere in Spain and in many other countries.

The ADADE Advisory Group is a prestigious firm that provides professional services at a national and international level, mainly aimed at small and medium-sized companies and which provides with technical infrastructure and highly qualified personnel.

ADADE has offices in 27 Spanish provinces, where more than 600 Law, Economics and Business Management professionals perform their working duties, advising more than 15,000 companies and other organizations. It also has a presence in other countries of the world, mainly in Europe and America.


    We are building up a strong brand. If you are an entrepreneur, you have a business profile and you want to enter to any of the sectors that encompass our services, join Sulayr®! Lead a business with guaranteed success today, and with strong expectations for the future.

    Our business model is base on the online management of the most of our services, which allows us to cut the costs for the collaborator and the clients. To provide this peculiar online service, Sulayr® owns various web applications, such as ISOONLINE and COMPLIGEST, and uses others such as our Virtual Office, which is available to its collaborators on an unlimited basis.

    Primarily, Sulayr® is a KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT organization, and therefore participates in the training of its collaborators, for which it constantly facilitates updates and coaching, with several expert centers in each of the subjects.

    After completing and overcoming the training program on the services of the company and its working methods, the collaborator of Sulayr® will distribute and offer to third parties the services that appear on the web, and additional ones that he will get to know in the process of training.

    With our business models, our ICT tools, training through top centers and our technical direction and continuous support, you will soon acquire the skills that will allow you to be a professional of excellence.


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