Sulayr® has extensive experience in both national and international tenders.

It has participated in a multitude of national bidding processes, both his own and those of clients, and it is a deep connoisseur of the Public Sector Contract Law (RD 3/2011, of November 14). In this area it has participated, internally or externally, in tenders for services, purchases and actions as well as open and closed procedures. At the international level, it has experience in bidding for competitions of the European Union, as well as multilateral organizations such as the United Nations, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, among other entities. Sulayr® is your perfect partner if you want to start a bidding process. Do not hesitate to contact us without obligation to know more.

Sulayr® is accredited as a training entity by the State Foundation for Training in Employment (FUNDAE), to provide training in all areas related to our business activity, to workers of companies that require it.

It is also accredited as an external entity that is entrusted with the organization of training within the Vocational Training System for employment; therefore, it has the ability to organize all the courses that other training entities want to provide. With this option, your company will be able to train its workers in all those matters that are of interest to them, being able to reduce the cost of this training in the payment of the Social Security fee for the month in which it will be carried out. So it will have a zero cost for your company. Sulayr® is your best ally to manage bonus training in your firm. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more.

Given its international experience and legal and business advice, Sulayr® provides a consultancy service to foreign individuals and companies in Spain.

This service consists in the assistance of those companies that, either for short-term or strategic reasons, are willing to carry out economic activities in Spain in a continuous way, so they must be legally established in our country with all that it implies.

Sulayr® will help your company to settle down in Spain and comply with legal obligations, tax, labor, commercial, etc. that are required.

Likewise, we put at your disposal all our network of contacts and services, allowing your initiative in Spain to be successful and to carry on with your activity.

Sulayr® also provides services to any European country or third country, residing in Spain temporarily or permanently and which acquires both the rights and the obligations that require a specialized expert.

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