International mobility

Sulayr invites you to live an unforgettable experience in Granada where you will be able to enjoy incredible opportunities thanks to the leisure and the youthful atmosphere that is breathed by its streets. We offer you the opportunity to have an educational stay abroad to continue developing professionally while you enjoy one of the most charming cities in the world.

From Sulayr, we will look for internships, accommodation, Spanish courses, excursions, etc. In addition, you can count on our support and tutoring at any time. Choose Granada to live one of the best experiences of your life!

What do we offer?

Training in Granada

We are committed to find a company that fits your profile so that you can carry out your internship in an environment that can be useful for your professional career. You will learn to work in a team, to be more independent, to solve problems that may arise in the company, to organize and manage time. With this experience you will have a broader vision of the work that is done in a foreign company, giving you the possibility of having collaborations in the future.


Tutoring and support

We will offer our services offering a personalized treatment giving support and tutoring you in the most comfortable way possible from your arrival, to make your stay in Granada as pleasant as possible, until the end of your internship. In addition, we will establish communication channels to make ourselves always available. In order to welcome you, we will provide you with an introduction to our company and we will also inform you about the place where you will be doing your internship. In addition, we will give you all the pertinent information about Granada. In order to welcome you, we will provide you with an introduction to our company and we will also inform you about the place where you will be doing your internship.



We will put at your disposal different types of housing to share with other people who are also doing an internship in Granada or its surroundings. All our apartments are fully furnished and guarantee the students a comfortable and safe environment to have a good coexistence during your internship. In the shared flats you will be able to enjoy an experience with other young people and create friendships beyond your borders. Going for an internship in another country will not only help you professionally, but will also help you build relationships and become more autonomous in your personal life.



We will look for tours/excursions/cultural visits so that you can enjoy and take advantage of the city of Granada and its surroundings. It will be a unique opportunity to know the most precious corners of the city, as well as other nearby places, thanks to the knowledge of our local guides, who will inform you about history, culture, gastronomy and recommend places to enjoy your free time. In addition to being Granada the Erasmus city par excellence, it is also a tourist destination, as it is home to one of the most important monuments in the world, the Alhambra. You can also enjoy both mountain plans, as it has the ski resort of Sierra Nevada, very busy in winter, and beach, thanks to its tropical coast.


Spanish course

In addition, we will offer language schools where you can learn or improve your Spanish during your stay in Granada at the same time that you enjoy your professional experience. Thus, your stay in Granada will also serve you to get a language certificate, get more out of your internship and be able to communicate more easily with local people and other countries because as is well known, Spanish is a language spoken by more than 400 million people on the planet. Don’t forget that the language is always a plus in your cv! *If you belong to a public school do not hesitate to contact us as we can establish agreements with public institutions.



  • Live a great international experience

  • Improve the language

  • Cultural immersion in Granada

  • Get to know the city of Granada in depth and taste its gastronomy

  • Possibility to travel and get to know other places in Spain

  • Improve your CV

  • Get international contacts

  • Get out of your comfort zone

What to do in Granada?