Maryna Kalenchuk, participant in Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs: “I really needed this motivation to continue with my project and my life”

Maryna Kalenchuk is a young entrepreneur doing her Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs in the city of Milan. At the beginning of September, she started her exchange at the company Freelance Communications Consultant where she is really comfortable with the knowledge she is acquiring and with the benefits that the city of Milan offers, both for the city itself and for its proximity to other interesting tourist places.

As she says, "at first it was a bit difficult because you come to a city where you don't know anyone and you have to start from scratch. Also, it's not the same as the Erasmus for students, because nobody organises the meetings for you. But it's like any other adventure”.

She also stresses that as the days go by she has got to know her host entrepreneur better, the team she works with and says she has fallen in love with Milan. Even before venturing into this experience, she had already done some research on the city, its lifestyle, and she points out that "in many programmes they have talked about how there is not much to see here. For tourists it could be. But to live, it is a beautiful place, it has many cultural events: design week, fashion week, art week… In addition, the first Sunday of every month almost all the museums and galleries have free entrance… you are never bored".

He also points out that the first meeting he had with the entrepreneur was in a pizzeria. "Of course! Totally Italian style! That's where we met in person and from that moment on, we understood each other. This collaboration is going to be incredible. Now they have involved me in many projects that they are doing and where I can learn many things".

Of course, as an important part of the programme, since it consists of entrepreneurs learning how to manage a company, they have also already dedicated time to this. "I have also told Benedetta about my project and she has given me some important ideas"Maryna is trying to make the most of this experience and is not just sticking to the work she is doing, she is also getting to know places she did not know: "I try to make the most of my time here and the beautiful thing about Milan is that it is next to mountains, Lago de Como, Venice and near the sea. It's only been my first month, but I've already seen a lot of incredible places: almost every weekend I try to go to a new place in Milan that I haven't seen yet or to another town or city nearby".

To conclude she says that "autumn in a big city inspires a lot and I really needed this motivation to continue with my project and my life".

If you are an entrepreneur or have a company and have more than three years of entrepreneurial experience and want to participate in the programme, do not hesitate to contact me. We will advise you so that you can also participate in this business adventure.

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