“I encourage other entrepreneurs who are looking to learn and also expand their network” (Testimony of an entrepreneur in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme)

Today is the last day of exchange for Natalia López, one of our entrepreneurs who is currently in Amsterdam doing her business exchange at the host company "Seamore", thanks to the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program. Through the following story she tells us her story about how this business experience has been for her, of which she only has positive words in spite of the health crisis we have suffered worldwide.

Hi, my name is Natalia, I am from Spain and 24 years old. I started a business in the tourist sector after some previous working experience as an employee. The idea of the company came up with a friend while studying the last year of Business and Management Degree. After, two years running the company, we decided to shut it down due to some money difficulties due to the Spanish system that were stopping us from scale. So, I started to look for opportunities abroad that could lead me to learn how matters like this one we had were done in other countries. My objective was to understand new markets and overall learn from other entrepreneurs how they have achieved their goals. 

A friend of mine, which I met on an Accelerator for startups told me about the EYE program, he did it and he was quite happy with the experience. So, I decided to check more about it and give it a try. As he went to the NL and it was a country that I never visited but heard many good things about I looked for startups to do the program here, and I found Seamore in Amsterdam were its founder had a lot of experience in running different businesses.
First, we connected through EYE and we talked about how we could both learn and make the best from the connection in this relationship. Then, we organize the begging of the experience, considering their availability of time and needs. 

Since I arrived to Amsterdam in February it is been a great experience, despite COVID-19, I was able to work in the office every day and thankfully the situation was never as bad in the NL as in another countries, so we still had our freedom to go outside and enjoy the city with the correspondent measures, plus the weather was pretty nice during spring.

This time abroad with an experienced entrepreneur and also with the whole team, has reinforced my skills and my confidence to run my own business. Regarding Covid-19, this situation has actually helped me to see everything in a wider panorama, as anything can damage your plans because there are many thing out of your control, you just need to always have a backup ready and be quick on any changes needed.

The HE has provided guidance and knowledge through this time. Also, a Marketing growth hacking plan took place while I was in the company, in which I was really involved, because this area is something that I always liked and studied, so I was helpful apporting what I knew and also it was a great opportunity to learn new skills.

Meanwhile the NE supported the HE to achieve better online sells through the website, while improving it and sharing her knowledge with the team.

Concluding, it has been a great experience that I totally recommend to any entrepreneur that is seeking to learn abroad and grow his network.

If you want to participate in the program, you can contact : cristina@sulayr.com