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European funds

Within the framework of the 2014-2020 budget period, the European Union has established a series of programs and funds in order to fulfill its political-strategic objectives of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth to be achieved in the year 2020, which are here summarized:

  • Employment for 75% of the population between 20 and 64 years old.
  • 3% of the GDP of the European Union invested in R&D and Innovation
  • Achieve the “20/20/20” objective in terms of climate and energy.
  • A dropout rate of less than 10% and at least 40% of the younger generation achieving higher education.
  • The risk of poverty must threaten 20 million fewer people throughout the European Union.

In order to reach such an ambitious objective, the European Union has established a series of framework programs that include the specific calls for each subject, which can be broadly summarized as follows:

    • Horizon 2020 – I + D + i
    • Erasmus Plus – Education, training, sports and youth


  • Creative Europe – Culture and Cinema
  • Europe with citizens – Citizenship and civil integration
  • Progress – Employment and social innovation
  • LIFE – Environment, action for climate and civil protection
  • INTERREG – Territorial cooperation
  • Europe AID, ENI CBC MED . – Cooperation for development..


All these programs together add an investment for the period 2014-2020 of more than 100,000 million euros, approximately 10% of the Spanish GDP and are called as a whole DIRECT EUROPEAN FUNDS, since they depend solely on the European Commission as regards to the elaboration of specifications, selection of beneficiaries, negotiation of the grant agreement, management, justification, etc.

Common characteristics of projects financed with Direct European Funds:

  • Innovators, with open and replicable results.
  • Transnational, projects in consortium of at least three partners from three different countries of the European Union as a general rule.
  • Co-financed, the European Commission finances a large part of the project and the partners must take responsibility for the rest. With the right advice does not have to assume a monetary cost to the organization.
  • Multi-Agent. The programs are open to various types of organizations such as municipalities, regions, companies, universities, associations, foundations, research centers, etc.

Why participate in projects financed with Direct European Funds?

  • They are a good way to finance initiativs of considerable scope.
  • They encourage international collaboration, opening doors to other projects and business opportunities.
  • They favor the transfer of knowledge.
  • They allow to learn from the experience of other top level partners.
  • They are a boost to competitiveness.

Sulayr® has a long experience in the application, negotiation, execution, closing and auditing of this type of projects, both through direct participation in some of them, as well as through its clients who have been advising for years. , which include universities, both Spanish and foreign, of great prestige and research centers among other entities.

Furthermore, Sulayr® can rely on its experience in the management of Structural Funds, such as FEDER, Social Fund and EAFRD, among others. In this case, its management is deposited in the member states, so both the Government of Spain and the Autonomous Communities play an important role in its development.

Sulayr® is your best ally for the achievement of your objectives in terms of European Funds, do not hesitate to contact us without obligation.

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs  is a transnational exchange program that offers new entrepreneurs and people who want to start a business the opportunity to learn from experienced entrepreneurs who run small businesses in other participant countries.

The exchange of experiences takes place within the framework of hosting periods with experienced entrepreneurs during which new entrepreneurs can acquire the necessary skills to run a small or medium business. Hosts benefit from a new perspective on their business and acquire the opportunity to cooperate with foreign partners or open to new markets at zero cost.

The stay is subsidized by the European Commission.

Whether you have just created your company or have a long experience, the program can offer a great added value to your business, among its possible advantages are the exchange of knowledge and experiences, the opportunity to establish a network of contacts in Europe, create new business relationships, as well as access to foreign markets.

As a new entrepreneur, you will benefit from training in a small or medium-sized company in any other participating country in the same sector you work for. This will facilitate a good start to your business or will allow you to empower your new company. You can also benefit from access to other markets, international cooperation, possibilities for collaboration with partners abroad and a subsidy that will cover your travel and living expenses.

As a host entrepreneur, you can benefit from the new ideas that a motivated new entrepreneur can bring to your company at zero cost. Maybe he has knowledge or is specialized in an area that you do not master fully, enabling you to complement your knowledge. Most of the host entrepreneurs have enjoyed the experience so much that they have decided to welcome other entrepreneurs at the end of the exchange.

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program is funded by the European Commission and operates in 39 countries with the help of local contact points, such as Sulayr®, whose work is to support companies and entrepreneurs in all phases of their participation in the program.

Sulayr®  has been participating in the program since February 2014 as a local point of contact, and has led international consortiums coordinating the work of other local contact points in various countries; being one of the points of local contact with more experience and achieved objectives, it has a direct and preferred contact with the European Commission at this regard.

ArtS develops a joint professional training program that gives artists the opportunity to:

  • Update their professional abilities and knowledge, providing skills for management, business and networking, with special attention to the possibilities of expansion.
  • Guide them in the job search or internship in the companies of their choice.
  • Present their work in a joint project at the closing of ArtS that has been prepared by the project participants themselves, as an effective networking exercise that reached a large audience. .

The project covers the following areas: Crafts, Performing Arts (music, dance, theater), Cultural Heritage (archives, libraries, museums), Literary Arts (books and press), Visual Arts, Multimedia and Audiovisual.

ArtS is an Erasmus Plus project of the European Union in force since November 1, 2014 and ended on October 31, 2017.

Sulayr® has participated as a partner in the project developing the whole part of entrepreneurship and active job search.

ADeAPTIVE “AdvancedDesign of e-LearningApplicationsPersonalizingTeaching to Improve Virtual Education” is an educational innovation project that is part of the KA2 call of the Erasmus Plus program of the European Commission and is coordinated by the Autonomous University of Madrid. The proposal was drafted by Sulayr® under a service contract with the coordinator. Sulayr® participates in the project as a partner, having been entrusted with the management of its quality. The project takes place between October 2017 and October 2020.

Sulayr has been chosen as successful bidder and is executing the services contract for 30 international practices, to promote the mobility of young people enrolled in the Youth Employment Operative Program of Castilla La Mancha “Bridge Initiative” funded by the European Social Fund and developed by the City Council of Azuqueca de Henares, in 2017 and 2018.

Sulayr® has provided in its entirety the service of preparation, coordination and development of the ELMER 2016 program of training-work stays of 50 unemployed people, belonging to the province of Córdoba, in countries of the European Union.

Destinations: Germany, Austria, France, Czech Republic, Portugal, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland and Malta.

They have highlighted the search of entities capable of providing internships, accommodation

for participants, language courses and socio-cultural activities.

This project has been funded by the Provincial Council of Córdoba and has been successfully executed between January and June 2017.

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