Our Office in Granada

  Phone Number: 958 136 295

  E-Mail: info@sulayr.com

  Location: Urb. Alcázar del Genil 2, local 4. 18006 Granada

Our Office in Durcal

  Phone Number: 958 780 467

  E-Mail: info@sulayr.com

  Location: Calle Rocío Dúrcal 2, 3ºC. 18650 Dúrcal (Granada)

Our Office in Padul

  Phone Number: 958 790 433

  E-Mail: info@sulayr.com

  Location: Calle Juan Maldonado 2, 1ºA. 18640 Padul (Granada)

Our office in Madrid

  Phone Number: 902 136 295

  E-Mail: info@sulayr.com

 Location: Travesía de Téllez 4, Ent. Izq. 28007 Madrid.

Work with us

    We are building up a strong brand. If you are an entrepreneur, you have a business profile and you want to enter to any of the sectors that encompass our services, join Sulayr®! Lead a business with guaranteed success today, and with strong expectations for the future.

    Our business model is base on the online management of the most of our services, which allows us to cut the costs for the collaborator and the clients. To provide this peculiar online service, Sulayr® owns various web applications, such as ISOONLINE and COMPLIGEST, and uses others such as our Virtual Office, which is available to its collaborators on an unlimited basis.

    Primarily, Sulayr® is a KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT organization, and therefore participates in the training of its collaborators, for which it constantly facilitates updates and coaching, with several expert centers in each of the subjects.

    After completing and overcoming the training program on the services of the company and its working methods, the collaborator of Sulayr® will distribute and offer to third parties the services that appear on the web, and additional ones that he will get to know in the process of training.

    With our business models, our ICT tools, training through top centers and our technical direction and continuous support, you will soon acquire the skills that will allow you to be a professional of excellence.


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